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Concept & Design

Decor & More is synonymous with Event Design. We've been a part of the North American event landscape for over 27 years and our designs have helped shape trends in the industry and have kept major corporations and brands on the cutting edge of live events for decades.

We've built an in-house event design team that is the best in Canada. Whether you're a client that has a clearly defined vision, or a client who has no idea what you’d like to see, our design team will synthesize with you to create the perfect working partnership.

Event design is about creating environments, the human experience and allowing us to sculpt your vision. The diverse expertise of our team has the talent to combine fine art, craftsmanship and technology, defining some of the most progressive and innovative event designs in the country. Embedded in our creative process are layers of refinement beginning with an artist's concept, then graphically enhanced into to 3D renderings and even virtual tours of your event.

Here are a few samples of our vision becoming reality:

Raps Concept
Raps Reality
Raps Basement Concept
Raps Basement Reality
YouTube Concept
YouTube Reality
Rama Xmas Concept
Rama Xmas Reality